De/Merit Badges Updates

Received In Canada

What's happening to the Stinkin' Badges?

Update 11.26.20

Badges received, although weirdly I only received 75 / 300 of my "Forgot Water" badges. The/Studio is working on replacing those.

Also, a label printer to print shipping labels and some packaging is also coming.

Up Next: Assembly. This bit might take a hot minute.  I'm going to get some photos up rather than the line art as well and then I'll start promoting this on larger Burner groups.

Update: 19.11.20

And like that, they're shipped!  The ETA: Around the first week of December-- something which I'm a bit skeptical about but okay. 

Update: 17.11.20

The/Studio is doing some janky things with its run for me here-- usually they issue a proof of every patch they do like this guy:

But in this case we're looking at the only proof they've done for me, which I guess is fine. I've done years of runs with them and they've never messed up a single batch of patches, so I'll take a risk and hope things are going to work.

Patches are finishing their runs now and will ship to me likely in about a week.

Update: 06.11.20

So, I'm working with The/Studio to do the the run. Some of the colours aren't going to quite match what my spec was-- in particular the yellow of the Catherding and the Rebar Bite badge is going to go for a bit more of a muted colour:



This kind of colour shifting is pretty common since they're only going to have so many different twill backing colours to weave these badges on. As they get their mockups done, I'll likely see some more colour shifting.

The other change: I was able to get them to produce these as 2 inch wide patches.  This is, in fact a quarter inch smaller than I'd mentioned previously, but that was the weaver's choice and not mine-- 2 inches is the size of a Scouting merit badge, so getting them closest to that formfactor is ideal.

Bigger isn't always better, no matter what my ex will tell you *aaaayooooo* *Golfswing*