As for your Qs.

Q: When are you going to roll out the De/Merit badges?
A: When we hit the 350 pre-order threshold.  At $4USD each, that will cover the run for all 8 designs.

Q: Where are the proceeds going?
A: Right now, I've got a schpiel from the "Ophira The Stalker Experiential Art Car", which is listed in our "Supported Projects" page. Other new local build teams that seem to have a clue will be added.

Q: What if you don't make the 350 patch threshold?
A: Refunds for everyone who did back it-- although I'm not sure if that includes credit card fees.

Q: My team's building something! We like money!  Can I get in on this?
A: That's a solid "maybe".  Teams that will get the proceeds will need to fit the following criteria:

Q: What's the breakdown of what goes where?
A:  Costs are somewhat variable, but I'll make sure I am clear about the cost per piece.  Right now, for the initial 8 badges, I'm looking at a total cost of $1,424 for 300 of each type. Once I sell 350 badges, I'll be able to pull the trigger on that run.  Anything sold beyond that goes to art.

Q: I've got a great idea for a De/Merit badge! How do I get it made?
A: Happy to add stuff to the catalogue. If you have a design and concept, send it to  Keep in mind that every project will need to be crowdfunded with pre-orders-- perhaps 50 purchased for each design.

Q: Who runs this thing?
A: Currently a solo project being done by Joshua "Mountie" Shessel.  

Q: Is this affiliated with the Burning Man Organization?
A: Negative. I am a meat popsicle.